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    Default shipping to a relative in North Carolina

    I am gifting a gun that is registered to me legally in PA to my mother who lives in North Carolina. (Mom decided she wants to learn how to shoot)
    I want to know if I need to go to an FFL here in PA and have the transfer done through them or if I can ship it directly to her FFL in NC.
    I received the shipping information of her local FFL and rangemaster to handle the registration in NC, just curious if I need to do any paperwork here for PA before sending it out.
    Thanks in advance, great website you have here!

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    Default Re: shipping to a relative in North Carolina

    Welcome to the Forum! I found it less expensive and more certain to ship handguns through a local FFL. If one is not an FFL, carriers require that handguns be sent overnight, which could be as high as $70. When shipped through an FFL, the fee charged is usually under $35.00 as their is no overnight requirement.
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    Default Re: shipping to a relative in North Carolina

    To ship the handgun to NC it will have to be received in NC by a FFL. The FFL in NC will then take care of getting it transferred to your mom.

    Any non FFL can ship a handgun to any FFL by using a common carrier (UPS and FedEx being the top shippers). However, you need to insure that the FFL in NC will accept a shipment from a non FFL. FFL's do not have to accept from a non FFL, that is their decision.

    If the handgun is shipped from an FFL in PA to a FFL in NC, the PA FFL can use USPS (Priority Mail) to send it to NC, the charges are about half that of UPS or FedEx and it only takes a couple days to get there.

    Oh, and before someone else brings it up, there is no registry of guns in PA. What you have is a gun that has been recorded in a sales database as being sold to you
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    Default Re: shipping to a relative in North Carolina

    The other thing you can do is to take the gun yourself to the FFL in NC. Good reason to visit mom!
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    Default Re: shipping to a relative in North Carolina

    There is no registration in NC, just the standard paperwork.

    Your mother will have to get a purchase permit from the sheriff of her county to have a handgun transferred to her. Long guns don't need the purchase permit.
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