Once again it is time for Rural Sportsmen's annual New Years day trap shoot. This is a 50 bird compulsory Lewis Class shoot. The cost is $15 ($8 for birds, $7 for the Lewis class). There will be $100 dollars of added money for every 10 shooters who sign up, up to $500 max. All ties divide. Sign up time is from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM.

For those who may not know, anyone of any ability can win in Lewis Class. Last year we had 117 shooters so we gave out $1,319.

There will also be free pork and sauerkraut.


This event is now history and the most successful ever. Until 2011 this event brought in 50 to 60 shooters. 2011 brought in 117 shooter. Today we had 164 shooters. And just to prove you don't have to be a great shooter to win money in Lewis Class, the highest pay off of the day went to the best of the lowest class shooters. $55 went to a 40 out of 50 birds.

Just 365 days until next years event.

As usual your truly fell between the winning numbers. One bird more or two birds less would have put me in the money. That's just the way it goes in Lewis Class.