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    Default S&W M&P22 pistol

    So I purchased myself a Christmas present (because I am worth it, damit!) and picked up an M&P22 pistol.
    I paid $359 for it at a local dealer, which seems very in line with what prices I have found online, etc. My first impressions of it were that it has an exceptionally similar feel to my M&P 9 pro. S&W really did design this to compliment the full size gun. Controls are the same except for the mandatory safety lever to the rear of the frame (ala 1911). It fits my Blade-tech holster just like its big brother.
    At the range today, I fired quite a few brands of .22 through it to check what it likes best and to my digested everything. CCI mini-mags, federal bulk 550 pack, CCI standard velocity, Remington standard velocity, Winchester M-22 all functioned just fine. I put at least 40-50 rounds of each through without a single failure of any kind. Never had a 22 that ate everything I fed it. I believe I am going to run CCI mini-mags in it for everyday shooting just because I saw a very minor increase in accuracy with it. (but not enough to make a HUGE difference.....but enough for me to notice)
    On the down only comes with 1 12rd magazine and additional mags seem to be very scarce. Also, I stippled the grip on my 9mm pro because it was quite slick and difficult to grasp with a good firm shooting grip. The .22 version is equally as slick, but not as much of an issue because of the softer recoil of the 22.
    In all, I would recommend this to anyone who wants to train (or plink) with their m&p but wants to do it on the cheap side. I plan on picking up a few more magazines and shooting this at some local steel matches alongside my 9mm version.

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    Default Re: S&W M&P22 pistol

    Thanks for the review. M&P is my platform of choice so I've really been thinking about one. I'm still holding out hope someone will make a .22 conversion kit.

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    Default Re: S&W M&P22 pistol

    Have had a S&W 22lr. for about two months now. I really do love it. Initially I had a problem with the roll pin on the slide (it would protrude after 50 rounds) but I sent it back to S&W and although it took about three weeks, they fixed it. Now it shoots like a dream. If you call the company they might take back orders on the magazines. That's how I got an extra one in early December. Have shot about two hundred rounds now and no problems. Feels like my M&P9 without much recoil. Taking it out tomorrow for some plinking with my son. Traded in my Ruger MKIII and happy that I did. Get one for inexpensive target practice.

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    Default Re: S&W M&P22 pistol

    The roll pin on the slide, of my M&P 22, starts to come out, on the port side (left).
    I noticed it first a few months back, when it protruded enough that I scratched my finger on the roll pin. This is after approx. 500 rds.

    Today, before I went to the range, I tapped the roll pin so it was equidistant on both sides. After 150 rounds, the roll pin has moved, so that it is just a bit (approx 0.010") past the side of the slide.
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    Default Re: S&W M&P22 pistol

    Yep they are great pistols. I picked on up on a whim last year and I'm glad I did. My brother ran out and bought one too after only running a magazine or two through mine.

    Mine has also been 100% reliable with various ammo brands. I often run mine suppressed, and it has done well in that regard. These pistols aren't as accurate as some other .22's in the same price range but I'm very happy with mine thus far.

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