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Thread: What say thee

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    Hmmm, what do you all think about the new Taurus Poly 38? I have been skeptical of Taurus since I purchased my first one a few years back ( PT145 ) and after 100 rounds or so it stopped firing. I really like the look of the new poly Taurus though - not much that can go wrong with a wheel gun I would think? Price is right too for a +P ???

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    looks like a nice gun and i've been 100% satisfied with my taurus wheel guns. if you're concerned about quality checkout the ruger and i think the SW bodyguard revolver is polymer also.

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    If a gun is crappy I'll say so, if it's good I'll give it a good review. That being said;

    I have a Taurus Model 85 and have never had a problem of any sort with it. I wouldn't hesitate to buy another Taurus.
    Same holds true for Ruger and S&W.
    I will NEVER buy another Jennings/Bryco.

    Bottom line is this, I trust my Taurus and I don't regret getting it. You're doing the right thing by asking for advice before you make a purchase. I can't comment on the specific model you're asking about but my opinion of Taurus in general is good.
    Wait for a few more posts before making up your mind.

    I don't have a short temper, I just have a quick reaction to bullshit.

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