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    Default Ruger SR9C - Mags and Bullets

    I have a new Ruger SR9C and would like to buy extra magazines and ammo for self/home defense. I'm wondering if anyone has some recommendations for both. I have been using Blazer 9mm Luger for target practice, but would like more appropriate ammo for home and carry. (don't need them to be the same). I was thinking about frangible ammo for home defense as I have kids, and due to the layout of our home I could envision confronting a home intruder with my kids separated by 2 layers of drywall.

    Thanks in advance, and if you know from experience that a certain ammo cycles well through the SR9C, please also let me know that!

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    Default Re: Ruger SR9C - Mags and Bullets

    I will be testing some Remington 115 hollows at the range soon i'll let you know how it goes.. It functions fine with most quality ammo. I don't shoot anything cheap just to be sure it will go bang. But I will let you know how the HP's feed. as If i can carry those I might...Mine is the SR9c stainless model btw.

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    Default Re: Ruger SR9C - Mags and Bullets

    I bought a couple extra mags from ..... There prices seemed pretty fair. As far as ammo I haven't ran across any kind it didn't love.

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