I am on the east side, a member of EFGA. My brother is in Ohio, so for us to get together for a day at the range involves some serious driving. Looking for a place between us, the maps show the town of Somerset.

I am looking for a public range or club to join that minimally has a 50-100 yard rifle range, and a pistol range (outdoor is fine). Any other amenities is icing. Due to distance, we would only meet a few times per year, making the trip an extended weekend (or a mid-week trip to avoid crowds), so a descent hotel (that is gun friendly, dont want to leave them in the truck overnight) would need to be nearby. This also limits our ability to attend club meetings.

I took a quick look, and Daisytown Sportsman Club looks great, and I dont have to be onsite to join. The club does not seem to be too far from the turnpike.

Any other places that I can research?
Thank you!