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    Question Any Thoughts on Federal EFMJ Rounds (Federal XM40LP1)?

    Does anyone have any experience or thoughts on the Federal EFMJ XM40LP1 rounds? Ammoman has what seems like a good deal on them and I'm interested in this type of round for protection carry. I have kids and live in a neighborhood with close, thin-walled houses so over-penetration is a big concern for me. I've been carrying Glaser Safety Slugs but the cost per round is so high that practice fire with them is ridiculously expensive. Was just wondering if anyone has experience with this particular brand/type as this brings the cost of practice down out of the stratosphere.

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    Default Re: Any Thoughts on Federal EFMJ Rounds (Federal XM40LP1)?

    Its a crappy round IMO that really only serves a purpose in states that do not allow traditional hollow point ammo to be carried. I wouldn't carry it. Any bullet that is stopped by a wall or greatly slowed down by it is not very good at stopping a threat.

    Below are vids of the lighter weight 135gr .40EFMJ round going through 2 layers of drywall to simulate a house wall. Notice the velocity difference before and after it went through the wall is minimal. Whatever is on the otherside of the wall is still getting a good hit which can be lethal. The extra 30 grains on the 165gr EFMJ should loose even less velocity do to the extra bullet weight.

    Your better off picking a good 165gr or 180gr hollowpoint (Speer GD, HST, Ranger and etc) .40 and practice as much as you can IMO. Even going down to a 9mm if you can shoot that more acurrately.

    Even the lightweight 115gr .40 Glaser slows down very little after going through 2 layers of drywall.

    My $.02
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