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    Default Bought a PMR-30 . . .

    . . . on a lark, for $391 OTD:

    A semi-local dealer got it from Jerry's Sports Center in Scranton, PA. This one's from recent production.

    The PMR came drenched with enough oil to fry a 20 lb turkey. There were several golden spheres of incompletely burnt powder in the breech indicating that it was test fired.

    I disassembled the PMR in accordance with instructions and wiped the excess oil off and cleaned the bore and breech areas. I reapplied a dab of oil to the mating surfaces of the rails and such and reassembled the pistol.

    I read the manual and loaded the first of two mags by the book. The second mag was loaded by simply pushing a cartridge down into the "cartridge window" in the feed lips and pushing on the tip of the bullet with my thumb to seat the cartridge against the front of the rim of the cartridge beneath it. I did not need to "tap" the back of the mag against a flat surface at all, and only the last five cartridges took additional force to get loaded. Not really a chore at all, loading 30 cartridges IMO and limited experience.

    Ammo was 40 gr CCI TMJ and Winchester Super-X HP. I loaded one mag with CCI and the other with Super-X, and took the rest of those boxes and one additional box of each to the range.

    I first dry fired (I know, I know) the PMR a few times to get the feel of the trigger and loaded up. Functioning during the entire range session was 100%. No FTFs, FTEs, FTDs, KBs, runs, drips, or errors.

    Accuracy was surprising. After discovering where the PMR hit compared to sight picture, I was able to hit anything at which I aimed from 25 yds to 100 yds. Ringing the gong at 100 yds was so consistent it was boring. Aiming at a couple large rocks embedded in the 50 and 75 yd berms produced dust puff after dust puff. Another shooter was several benches away shooting his scoped benchrest rifle every other 12 years as these benchresters are known to do, and was watching the PMR's performance. He was flabbergasted that a 22 WMR pistol could hit repeatedly the 100 yd gong, and without a scope. The pistol was flawless, and boringly accurate and well-regulated.

    Three other observations: 1) PMRs are little flamethrowers. It was by no means dusk or overcast, but each round going off created a muzzle flash about the size of a grapefruit. It's almost as if one shooting a PMR should don anti-flash gear. I exaggerate, but not by much. B) PMRs sometimes eject little bits of hot material upon firing, and these bits land on both hands, both arms, and facial areas unprotected by safety glasses. One does NOT want to shoot a PMR without eye protection, and one is a bit of a masochist if one doesn't wear long sleeves when shooting it. iii) Recoil is insignificant but not without a snappy impulse. It's a tiny snap, not a push.

    I don't know what "upgrades" if any have been done to PMRs since the temporary halt in production announced in May. But after 100 rds each of CCI TMJ and Super-X HP, this PMR example seems to be shipshape, squared away, ready for duty, and GTG.

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    Default Re: Bought a PMR-30 . . .

    Your a lucky man. Nice gun and range report
    Quote Originally Posted by Python73 View Post
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    Default Re: Bought a PMR-30 . . .

    Well, it's now on the list. I was not going to get one because of the trouble they had, but now I'll have to think about getting one.

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    Default Re: Bought a PMR-30 . . .

    Very interesting! I can't say I'm thrilled by it's appearance, but with it being both reliable and fun to shoot, I'm sure I could warm up to it. Heck, I like Glocks, and they won't win any beauty pageants. Thanks for the pics and review. Enjoy it!
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    Default Re: Bought a PMR-30 . . .

    Quote Originally Posted by marks View Post
    Very interesting! I can't say I'm thrilled by it's appearance, but with it being both reliable and fun to shoot, I'm sure I could warm up to it. Heck, I like Glocks, and they won't win any beauty pageants. Thanks for the pics and review. Enjoy it!

    456 -Hey I thought the PMR 30 was a Kel Tec? Did H&K take them over. Any way most Gun suppliers here say the orders for this 22 mag pistol is 6 month back logged nobodies getting them in large enough supplies to satisfy these orders so you are in deed lucky.

    That was a great range report putting the PMR 30 through its paces sounds like an excellent all around pistol shooting a 22 mag rifle cartridge that accurate w/o a scope imagine what it could do with one.

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    Default Re: Bought a PMR-30 . . .

    I want one...
    I saw one at the recent gun show. I have to admit. It did feel somewhat cheap.
    But I still want one.

    I didnt buy the one they had at show, because it was one.of real early production one, and I have heard that the first production had an issue with projectile tumbling...
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    Default Re: Bought a PMR-30 . . .

    Well, it isn't going to win any beauty contests, at least those that I am voting on , but I am glad the price and accuracy are on track.

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