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    Exclamation No weapons allowed in Whitehall Mall.

    Walked in there this morning to pay my wife's Kohl's credit card bill and as soon as you enter, there is a sign right past the door entitled " Rules of Conduct" (or something like that) and it lists about a dozen or more rules and near the top of the list it says that no weapons of any kind which can cause harm to another living creature are permitted in the mall. The sign is right at the entrance, so you can not miss it as you walk in.

    Turned around and told my wife to mail them a check.

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    Default Re: No weapons allowed in Whitehall Mall.

    In malls especially you will see policies such as this. These are rules created by the managment companies who own a string of malls. To change this policy, encourage the corporate management company (in this case Simon Property) that there are a large amount of law abiding citizens who feel the need for this to change. The form is here.

    Just note most likely open carry will never change in policy for these companies. But, conceled carry will never be detected- security contracted other companies will not risk a lawsuit to "frisk" someone to find a gun unless you commit a serious crime. In virtually all circumstances that what the policy declares is a weapon is discovered and reported to them, they will simply ask you to leave the property. This is able to be enforced unfortunately due to a mall being private property (although I do not aggree with denial of the right to carry in such places.) Good luck.

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    Default Re: No weapons allowed in Whitehall Mall.

    You already posted this non-story in another thread:

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