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    Default Non-Resident LTCF in Blair County

    Does anyone have any experience with getting a NR LTCF in Blair County? I haven't dealt with our new Sheriff yet and was wondering if anyone has.

    I have a military buddy who is going to be staying with me and is considering transfering his state of residence to PA. I noticed on the DMVs form for 'Identification and Residency Requirements For U.S. Citizens' having a Current Weapons Permit (Assumed to be a PA LTCF) counts as proof of residency.

    Any feedback would be appreciated.
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    Default Re: Non-Resident LTCF in Blair County

    he will not sign off on class 3 stuff
    pa a shall issue state so

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    Default Re: Non-Resident LTCF in Blair County

    Old thread, but I stopped by today for a Non-Resident permit and I was told that they stopped issuing NR permits 3 years ago. I had to go South to Bedford County.

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