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Thread: E German Mak

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    Question E German Mak

    yesterday I saw a nice German Mak for about 325 bucks, did I pass up a bargain?

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    Default Re: E German Mak

    Like anything, it depends on condition.

    Since Jan 2011, I've seen EG Maks priced from $300 to $450, in generally VG condition and up. While I don't consider $325 a "bargain," I'm not sure you can find an EG Mak for much less. If there's no blueing wear and the grips are original (black plastic with fine checkering and are fastened with a large-headed screw about 3/8" diameter), I'd have to say $325 is as good as it will get.

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    Noah Zark is correct at$325 it's not a bargain but it's reasonable if is in very nice condition. The EG Mak is much nicer that the Russian or Bulgarian models and in like new condition go for about $425. I have both the Russian hi-cap md and the Bulgarian md as well as P-64 ,p-63 p-83 and cz-82. The last four while not Maks are chambered in 9x18 mak. These are all great little pistols,accurate and reasonably priced and ammo is cheap. If you ever want to try some out give a call and we can set something up if you would like to shoot them. Owner/Operator, NRA Pistol Instructor

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