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    Default Kim Stolfer on TV PCNC Night Talk 9-22-2011

    Kim Stolfer on TV PCNC Night Talk 9-22-2011

    For everyone in Western PA, that has Comcast cable with PCNC news on channel 35

    (check out cable systems guides for availability in your area)

    Kim Stolfer will be on with Night Talk host (classified as right now) on Thursday Sept 22, 2011 at 8:00 pm and reruns at 10:00 pm of same show

    (this is broken into two shows with different guest Kim is supposed to be on first half of show).

    Please try to watch it possible, if you never had the opportunity to listen to Kim Stolfer speak on gun owners direct political action, you will find it very interesting.

    (I believe) the subject is to bring people up-to-speed on the infamous Fast & Furious saga with all the twists and turns along with the illegal straw sales directly to criminal gangs in Mexico by American Government law enforcement in defiance of federal law. This was only possible because of the government actions that allowed this to occur.

    They also usually take a few callers to this show, so call in if you can with a question or comment.

    Call 412-333-7262 (PCNC) during the live show about local topics being discussed
    Learn how to really SUPPORT the 2nd Amendment cause Go To

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    I have a church meeting at 8 tonitem, but I'll catch the re-run at 10 - thanks!

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