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    Default What the heck is rimfire primer made out of?

    I've been wondering for years, and I can't find anything online. Does anyone know the chemical compound that is that lime green explody stuff we know as rimfire priming compound?

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    Default Re: What the heck is rimfire primer made out of?

    From Wikipedia:

    "First used as a priming composition in small copper caps after the 1830s, mercury fulminate quickly replaced flints as a means to ignite black powder charges in muzzle loading firearms. Later, during the late 19th century and most of the 20th century, mercury fulminate or potassium chlorate became widely used in primers for self-contained rifle and pistol ammunition. Mercury fulminate has the distinct advantage over potassium chlorate of being non-corrosive, but it is known to weaken with time. Today, mercury fulminate has been replaced in primers by more efficient chemical substances. Those are non-corrosive, less toxic and more stable over time: lead azide, lead styphnate and tetrazene derivatives. In addition, none of the compounds which replace Hg(II) fulminate require mercury for their manufacture, supplies of which can be unreliable in wartime."
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    Default Re: What the heck is rimfire primer made out of?

    Soylent green......

    (IT"S PEOPLE!!!)
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    Default Re: What the heck is rimfire primer made out of?

    Powdered glass is also added to rimfire primers to insure better reaction to the energy imparted by the firing pin. This is another reason to only shoot at indoor ranges with excellent ventilation. Silicosis is a horrible condition that comes from inhaling silica/glass dust.
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