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    I wish I had not moved to Adams County it has a very small town attitude with the police departments and I feel more like I am in a police state here. The State Police of Gettysburg says "they are not Peace Officers" which is what they are supposed to be. The courts are very unjust and being 49 years old and never broken a law, but am being charged for it due to a debt for my car. I know of many people who can't wait to get out of here due to the legal system. ( I was also accused of pulling a gun on someone in the middle of the night but it was a cordless phone, to call the police and that is where it all started, they were repoing the wrong car). With that being said you have little rights in the way of guns to protect you or your family, house etc.
    I found that living in Maryland is much better and can't wait to move back either to Maryland or any place but PA.
    If I sound bitter I am sorry but this county has been a nightmare for me since I was injured at work and could not pay my bills due to workers compensation (whole other story). As long as I was a good girl and paid my bills no problem get in the whole and every attorney comes out of the woodwork and the judges ALWAYS rule in there favor even if they are wrong.
    The people and the State are so very beautiful so it is very sad for me. PA CLEAN SWEEP is a good site to google.

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    You are so correct about Corrupt legal system--I too was victimized by it . As this organization offered no help. Not anyone from these gun and shoooter blogs came to our defense. Not even the N.R.A. Panzies.
    Yeah--Father & Son arrested for using near deadly force to stop a car from running me down on my own FARM. We got arrested as Amanda H . Ridinger and friend Bradley J. Smith--both of Littleston,Pa got a free walk.Two dirt bags--walk free, as we simply employed our 2nd Amendment rights. WHY---becasue they were Drug Informants.. But not any more--she's in ATF custody for 3 dozen burglaries in YORK COUNTY --all stolen guns.
    Lawyers here are all related--the D.A. is the relative of the Attorney General.
    Our first lawyer --we fired for Collusion, and will be suing him --Charles P. Mackin Jr. he's the lawyer who defended the Pigeon Shoot in Hegins ,Pa. All he did was steal $4700 and then closded his office and fled.. We know where he is now. Yeah-- so we got slammed ,,, thank GOD for the Federal Courts--- for relief.

    Pa. State Troopers are NOT --I repeat NOT PEACE OFFICERS. THEY are Soldiers of the Law.. and are not even granted the right of arrest--without a warrant. Look it up. They are not Police officers.. They are part of the State Miliita as silly as it sounds.. But they can detain and then arrest--with paperwork. Why is it then, there are currently 720 of 2200 member force in jail or awating charges-- nearly 1/3 of the Force.. most are for SEX OFFENSES. Looking to move to Canada myself --eh !

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