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    Default Re: What did you buy yourself today (Photo thread)...

    Thought these were pretty cool - Classic had them. Just for the kinda neat factor

    "Tastefully Pimptastic"

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    Default Re: What did you buy yourself today (Photo thread)...

    Quote Originally Posted by GOYABEAN View Post
    Figured in case someone was looking for Anvil
    Just as a caveat for anybody planning on forging on one of those, they are cast iron. 90% of all good anvils are either wrought iron with a steel face, or cast steel. Some anvils were cast iron with a steel face. Those are something of a crap shoot. Some were good, some weren't.

    The key thing is the anvil is supposed to be able to reflect the kinetic energy well. If not, you get very tired working on one. The easy way to tell if you have a good anvil for forging on is to take a smaller than 1" steel ball bearing and drop it on the anvil face from about a foot up. (Be warned, on some of the softer anvils, this can leave a small ding on the face.) If it bounces back better than 90% of the distance, the anvil is good. If it is less than 50%, you will probably never want to forge on it.

    Video of test picked because it shows 3 different test subjects and points out you can't really tell just by looking:

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    Default Re: What did you buy yourself today (Photo thread)...

    Quote Originally Posted by WCMG View Post
    Changed my flashlight on my newly cut upper on my Glock 17 Gen 5. I love this new light, its small, lightweight, powerful, but most of all the charger connects by a magnets so its always charging on my bedstand and i can quickly grab it and charger just falls off.

    I really like those front end cuts going around the markings. Any problems getting a grip on them since only one goes full height of the slide?

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