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    Default Re: What did you buy yourself today (Photo thread)...

    Quote Originally Posted by JoshIronshaft View Post
    I bought myself a personal laptop so I can do things like get active on this forum again! PAFOA has been blocked on my work laptop for about a year and a half and I never hop on forums on my phone so now I can get back to it.

    One of the more recent things I did was finishing my new AO semi-auto 1927A1 Thompson SBR build (Allegheny Arms in Bethel Park had the experience and tools to swap the barrel for me). Functions great, though I did have to machine a new replacement for the take down button at the back of the receiver because the provided one from AO was undersized and allowed the receiver to wiggle back and forth more than I liked.

    Here I am at a 2019 Memorial Day parade rocking the Thompson, some mismatched uniform items, and my 63 Jeep.

    Very cool gun, always like the Thompson.

    Good to see you back on the forum.

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    Default Re: What did you buy yourself today (Photo thread)...

    Another toy, another Kel-Tec. Sub 2000 9mm multi-mag folding carbine. Blowback action, 16Ē barrel, folds in half. Previous owner (a pafoa member) set it up for M&P mags; Kel-Tec sells a half-dozen kinds of mag catches. My double-stack 9s are Walther and SIG; Kel-Tec doesnít do Walther, so I will be running P226 magazines in it. And itís been around long enough to have a bunch of baubles and bolt-ons for it. And with its threaded barrel I see a can in its future.A really cool bang-stick.

    -gonzo, SoCenPA. "Before all else, be armed." --Niccolo Machiavelli

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