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    Default Re: State College week of Sept 19

    Finally got this crappy hotel internet to hook up. Had a good time at dinner on Monday with The Fool and family and Xringshooter and his wife. Good food, pleasant, wide ranging conversation.

    Met up with Fishingfool151 and a couple of his buddies at Xenos. Beer, not food this time, but still the same good conversation.

    Nice to meet you all.


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    Default Re: State College week of Sept 19

    And it was nice that the Manager (I think she was - not dressed in the server uniform) came over to ask how everything was

    Awfully nice to meet you Dale. We get out so infrequently and your arrival in SC was a darn good excuse. Great to see Mr and Mrs XRingShooter again too.

    Hopefully these types of meets/greets/eats can happen more often!

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    Default Re: State College week of Sept 19

    Yep, had a good time at dinner with Dale, Cork and his missus and little girl (she's a real cutie, probably wraps you around here little finger ).

    Always good to meet PAOFAers face to face.

    If anyone is in the SC area let us know, we'll meet up (unless I'm out of town for work ).
    Ron USAF Ret E-8 FFL01/SOT3 NRA Benefactor Member

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