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    Default AR-15 Lower build essential tools

    These tools are to assist in the installation of the front take down pin and bolt catch roll pin.
    The take down pin tool has a recess in it to help guild the pin into the receiver,
    the bolt catch roll pin starter punch is off set to keep the punch away from the lower to keep it from being scuffed
    and will push the roll pin into the bolt catch then it can be finished with a standard 3/32" roll pin punch.
    I have a few sets available, please email me if you would like to a set. email to:
    $15 cash/check or M/O shipped($15.75 PP) to the lower 48. ^^ PP to this address ^^

    Place the detent installer in the receiver and align
    with the detent hole, place the spring and detent through
    the hole in the tool:

    Push the detent in to the receiver with a 3/32" punch
    and rotate the tool 90 degrees:

    Remove the punch and place the pivot pin
    in to the tools recess and push it through:

    remove the tool and push the pivot pin in and out to check the detent is secure:

    for the bolt catch assembly put some vinyl or masking tape on
    just to be safe:

    Place the B/C roll pin in the installer,
    you may have to push on to a hard surface:

    note that it is off set, make sure the roll
    pin is in its most downward position to
    keep the tool away from the receiver,

    use a small hammer and tap the end of the tool
    to get a good start on the roll pin:

    Align the bolt catch and drive the roll pin
    into the bolt catch with the hammer,
    Do NOT drive the tool in to the receiver.

    The bolt catch will now stay in place,
    remove the tool (twist a little if needed)
    and finish with a standard 3/32" roll pin punch

    The two hardest parts to putting a lower together were just made easy
    and no more searching for lost detent pins <<PP to the same
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