Start times will be same as last year ( 9 am and 1 pm )
Matches will run on all 5 lower pistol ranges - Rain or Shine! Pistol ranges will be closed the Saturday afternoon before each match for setup!

If you like shooting very fast, steel shooting is probably going to be one of your favorites. Shoot an array of 5 steel plates of various shapes and sizes as fast as possible. Time penalties are applied for misses. One plate is designated as the stop plate, which must be hit last. A match consists of 5 different stages. Each stage is shot 5 times, for a match total of 125 rounds. Run times are added up, along with any penalties, and the quickest shooter wins the match. Shooting Classes:
  • Stock Auto (iron sights)
  • Stock Revolver (iron sights)
  • Open Auto
  • Open Revolver
  • .22 rimfire Auto
  • .22 rimfire Revolver
  • .22 rimfire Rifle ( magazine fed only, no tube feeds )
Each shooter will need:
  • Gun
  • 5 Magazines or Speedloaders (or as many as you have)
  • 125 rounds ammo MINIMUM (150 recommended) - no steel jacketed ammo allowed
  • Eye and Ear Protection (required for shooters and spectators)
  • Holster Draw is not required for .22 rimfire and is Optional for Centerfires
Range rules: Handgun must be cased or in holster at all times unless you are on the firing line or in designated "gun handling" area.
Cost: $10 per match
Questions or Issues please contact match directors
jeffreywilli at or PM me here