So i became a member of WSSA at the end of june. However the guy that takes care of new members was busy with his wife at the hospital giving birth to their new baby. First and foremost i want to say congratulations to him and his wife. I completely understand him missing some meeting at a range for that. I also understand having to wait for my card to be mailed to me because of that. And lastly i understand mailing out those key cards are probably not high on his priority list. But i need to vent. I will be picking up my new 357 magnum tomorrow probably AND ordering a new rifle that will be here in about a week and i would REALLY REALLY REALLY like to shoot them the first chance i have a few spare hours to myself, but i cant do that because i don't have my key card

I haven't shot anything in over two weeks and im going through withdrawal now... i really just want to shoot.

Again i want to congratulate him and his newly expanded family. I hope nobody takes this post as me thinking im more important than their new baby. Like i said earlier i just need to vent.