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    Default Any Luger experts here?

    My grandfather is lending me his Luger to see if I can figure out why it's having jamming issues. I have a hunch that it might be an ammo issue. Anyway, I figured while it's in my possession I might as well see if I can find out anything about it. There are surprising few markings on the gun. The metal on the gun is in pretty good shape and it's mechanically sound. The bluing shows it's age and has many spots where it's started to turn a brownish shade as seems to be common on older guns. The bore is pitted but the rifling still looks OK. I know nothing about these guns but I do know that he paid $600 for it 2-3 years ago.

    ^Front strap reads "1GD6"

    ^ "49403" is stamped under the barrel, "11335" is stamped about 1/4" above it

    ^ "03" is stamped in the area that's whited out by the flash
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    Default Re: Any Luger experts here?

    I can offer no information about that specific pistol based on the markings. I would guess by looking at the pics, that it was manufactured between the wars, more specifically, closer to WWI than II. However, having dealt with Lugers for 20+ years, I CAN tell you they have a tendency to be finicky with ammo. I highly recommend, especially with older Lugers, as you have, ball ammunition only. I have had more jams trying to shoot hollow points, or anything else other than FMJ, for that matter. Generally, my experience has been that Remington and Winchester are the best. Even some surplus ammo can cause problems.

    Another problem with the older Lugers is the magazine. The follower has a tendency to bind in them and that can cause feeding issues. A new magazine may be in order.

    Finally, I am assuming by your post that you are talking about feeding issues. If you are talking about stove-piping, (another common Luger problem) then I would look at the action and probably look at a new extractor or ejector.

    The Luger was quite a unique design, and was actually considered by the U.S. army during trials before they adopted the Colt 1911. Luger even made a few examples chambered for .45 just for the test runs back then. The few examples of these prototypes are in private collections and worth LOTS of $$. However, the Luger's propensity to jam and stovepipe ultimately led to Germany to start replacing them with the Walther P-38 during WW II.

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    Default Re: Any Luger experts here?

    I'm not a Luger (P08) expert by no means, But I think Hawk pretty much summed it up, I have a 1942 Mauser that I've never been able to find that right brand of ammo it likes, I've tried New Wolff Springs, New Magazines, 115gr, 124gr and even 147gr 9mm all with the same crappy feeding issues.

    Still it's an interesting pistol with amazing craftmenship even for my old wartime pistol, I'm assuming yours is 9mm - You didn't say, but some were made in other calibers like .30 & even .22 caliber.

    Try Googling "Jan Brewers Luger Forum" at least a few years ago that use to be the goto place for anything Luger, I assume it still is.

    Good Luck and if you figure it out, post back so maybe it'll work for me.

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