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Thread: M1A question?

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    Question M1A question?

    Hello all,

    I was considering purchasing an M1A with iron sights. It is my understanding that the width of the front sight is 7MOA. The 200 yard and 300 yard high power targets have the x, 9, and 10 ring within a 13 inch diameter. At 200 yards the front sight would cover 14 inches which is wider than the entire black - 13 inches. At 300 yards the the front sight is more than 1 1/2 times the 13 inch black. How do you aim? I guess at 200 yards you can center the 13 inch black on top of the 14 inch wide sight? And at 300 yards center the 13 inch black on top of the 21 inch wide sight? I am assuming standard M1A sights that adjust 1" per click. I am also assuming a 200 yard zero properly indexed on the elevation dial.

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    Default Re: M1A question?

    I have only shot mine at a TQ-4 target (100 yard smallbore rifle) @ 100 yards which has a 9" black bull. I have not noticed a problem with centering the front sight post underneath the 6:00 position on the bull.

    BTW, I'm interested in selling mine. It's a Springfield Armory Inc. "Loaded" version with a synthetic stock and NM sights. PM me if you're interested.


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