A teenage boy shot his buddy in the wrist last night in Mantua but police and family members say it was accidental.

The boys, 14 and 12, were playing in a lot on Brown Street near Union when the older boy shot his friend at 7:50 p.m.

The wounded boy, identified by a neighbor as Douglas Carrol, was reported in stable condition at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

The two boys live across the street from each other and neighbors said they often play football in the lot.

The shooter's father, who identified himself only as Richard, 40, said his son ran into the house and collapsed onto the floor after the shooting.

"He's really upset," Richard said, adding that the kids are longtime friends. Detectives at the scene said it is not clear if the teen would face charges, adding that they are trying to determine where the gun came from.

"I have no idea where he got the gun," a distraught Richard said. "I just don't know."

Regardless if it was an accident or not....somebody needs to goto jail.