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    Default reflex vs. tube type dot sights

    I got an inexpensive reflex type sight at the show this past weekend just to put on my sons marlin 22, I went out today to sight it in and in 100%sun there is serious wash out of the dot even on the highest setting, I could only see it against the black of the target and not to bright then either. I never had a tube style dot sight but does the same thing happen shooting in bright sun? I know there are alot better dot sights around,but no way I'm spending what the rifle is worth on a sight.

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    Default Re: reflex vs. tube type dot sights

    That seems to be the issue on the cheaper red dot sights vs the more expensive ones.

    When I was at shows, I was tempted to get one. But after picking it up and as you got closer to looking at the ceiling lights you could see the dot disappear, giving it no real chance to be visible outdoors.

    I shoot mostly indoors. I got a BSA reddot for 40$. It is ok to use outside. But it has other issues where, all you have to do is move your head and the dot moves around.. Which makes it fun to sight in, LoL. But once I got it set, it is pretty accurate.

    The salesman showed me 2 EOtechs next to the BSA, and told me the issues with the BSA. But like you mentioned, I was not about to spend more on optics vs the cost of the gun itself.. Especially for a gun i mainly just play around with at the range.

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    Default Re: reflex vs. tube type dot sights

    I have one of these Ultradot Four sights on a Ruger Mk II target pistol, and I have an EOTECH EXPS2 on my AR-15. Both are nice quality, as would be expected, and are plenty bright even in direct sunlight. They are both quite durable as well. The Ultradot is also quite affordable; I'd buy another one in a heartbeat if I needed one.

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    Default Re: reflex vs. tube type dot sights

    I have a Millet (tube type) Red Dot on my 9mm AR and it works just fine. I don't have to turn the intensity up unless it is a very bright clear day. And even then I'm not up to the max, only about half way.
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