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    Default Extreme Barrel Project - Lapping and Air Gauging 8ft Barrel

    Hey All,

    Need some recommendations on who to contact for this task. I work with a group that does ballistic testing and have been tasked with assembling an 8 foot barrel at 0.177 diameter. The barrel needs to be lapped and checked for trueness.

    It is a segmented 4 piece barrel built by a very well known manufacturer, but I'd like to see if a local gunsmith can inspect it for me before we go attempting to fire it.

    The barrel is not a standard rifled barrel, rather a smooth bore that is mounted to an air rifle. We're not the only ones to use such large length barrels in this configuration, so I'm sure others have heard of it.

    Thanks for any help and recommendations.

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    Default Re: Extreme Barrel Project - Lapping and Air Gauging 8ft Barrel

    I'm fascinated as to what kind of testing this barrel could be used for. Could you elaborate on it?

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