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  • 185 gr

    2 5.71%
  • 200 gr

    6 17.14%
  • 230 gr

    27 77.14%
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    Default Re: 45 ACP Bullet Weights and Types ???

    I load different grain at different veloicity my 230 fmj at 830fsp, 230 lead swc at 810fps, 200 grain LSWc 830fsp. 185Lswc 850fps, 230jhp 930fps, 200jhp 950fps, 185jhp 1025fps.

    I like the clean BIG cookie cutter holes the Lead swc cut through paper targets and I luv the way the jhp mushroom. Surprising the new jhp in 45apc seem to mushroom well in the 850fps - 1025fps range. Thats what I load mostly lswc and jhps.

    I like the flatter trajectory of the fast 185 garin jhp bullets, its still 45 diameter which means BIG HOLE.
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    Default Re: 45 ACP Bullet Weights and Types ???

    I've got a .45 acp load that works wonders in my Sig 1911. I use a 230gr. CMJ from King's shooter's supply (frontier metal processing), 6.9 grains of VV N350, a federal large pistol primer, an overall length of 1.2675" plus or minus .0005", a mild taper-crimp and the brass is really a hodge-podge for me. As long as its all trimmed to the same length 0.894" I haven't been able to see any measureable difference with one brass over another. I usually get about 850 fps out of this load, it feeds reliably, its light shooting and will shoot sub-2" groups from a rest at 25 yards.

    My P220 that I just got rid of couldn't hit a grapefruit at 10 yards with Fiocci or PMC FMJ ammo. It drove tacks with the above load, but it hated some factory ammo. Small wonder, I got curious one day, used my trusty bullet puller and pulled apart some fiocci. The overall length was anywhere from 1.242"-1.258" the charge (don't know what type of powder it was) was anywhere from 6.1-6.5 grains, the case length was anywhere from 0.893"-0.898" and the crimp was incosistent too. No wonder my P220 hated that stuff. I have no doubt that the PMC ammo was the same. From then on I never bought any more loaded .45 ammo.
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