It is my fault I move away and left my gun collection with my brother he thought under the bed would be a great place to store them so here are my concerns, please help.

I have my grandfathers gun collection. I have a 45-70 GOVT with US stamped leather sling that needs total restoration. I have a .257 Roberts, that was created from a jap sniper rifle. I need an internal clip and the barrel tapped for a scope. The barrel is pre-war steel and was told it needed a special bit. I need a firing pin for a Rem 5 MM mag and a 38-55. My weapons are still with brother and I now reside in Fair Oaks in Allegheny county but can spit into beaver county. I need to know who is the best for what I need. Please help these firearms are not only valuable but I cannot place a value on what it means that every first animal I fell was with one of these weapons, by my grandfathers side. He was a proud Marine, I am 100% disabled US ARMY Intell operative. GOD BLESS AMERICA. God Bless all of you fighting for our second amendment rights that we both fought for.