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    Default Old Remington 870 or New 870 Express for Trap

    Over the past couple of months I have been wanting to get into Trap Shooting. I currently do not own a Shotgun and was considering buying a Remington 870 Express to get started in the sport, then upgrading if/when I got heavier into Trap.

    I was talking to my father about my intentions of buying an 870 to get started. He told me that he thinks my grandmother still has my late grandfathers old Remington 870 Wingmaster. My father purchased the shotgun as a gift in the 70's. Along with the shotgun, he also purchased an additional barrel. He wasn't sure, but he thinks he remembers getting a modified barrel and a slug barrel for it.

    I'd like to know if I would be better suited using a new 870 Express with interchangeable chokes or if the old Wingmaster with a dedicated barrel would better suit my needs as a starter gun for Trap.

    My grandmother is retired and living on a fixed income, so I would want to give her something for it. I have no idea what condition the gun is in, but it probably hasn't left its case in at least fifteen years.

    Old guns have a definite cool factor and the fact that it belonged to my grandfather gives it sentimental value. Having limited gun funds, I want to put out money on the shotgun that is better suited for getting started in Trap.

    What do you think?

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    Default Re: Old Remington 870 or New 870 Express for Trap

    Seriously, take a look at a new Ithaca Model 37 trap gun before you make a final decision. What a nice shotgun...

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    Default Re: Old Remington 870 or New 870 Express for Trap

    You can't go wrong with an 870, one of the sturdiest shotguns ever made. Given the history of the Wingmaster your considering, it's a gun that will take a place in your heart above many others. I'd go for the Wingmaster to get started. Once you get your feet wet with trap you'll have spoken with a lot of experienced gunhands and figure out what else you might want. If you take a liking to trap you'll end up with several shotguns. You'll also find yourself wanting to try doubles or sporting clays and get a autoloader. Somewhere along the line you'll be thinking of trying a 20g and pick one up. Before you know it you'll have 5,6,7 shotguns...and be thinking about another one. Then a reloader comes along and steals your heart. Next thing you know your searching through a club dumpster looking for usable shells. Nice thing there is no one thinks your nuts....they wish they had gotten to the dumpster first.

    I started trap with an old police surplus Browning 20" barrel riot gun. I still take it regularly to trap night at my club. But it also accompanies 3 other 12's and a pair of 20g. But the 870 is my go to gun when I want to get serious and beat the squad. Until your really good you won't know the difference from a $3000 gun to a $250 gun. I say grab up the Wingmaster, pay what your conscience tells you and shoot the bejebbers out of it. Purchase a manual and/or go to youtube and learn how to disassemble and clean the machine. BTW, Trap Night is every Thursday 5-9 at Langhorne and is open to the public....$4 a round. Find the incredibly handsome fellow beating everyone with a ridiculously short shotgun and say hello!
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    Default Re: Old Remington 870 or New 870 Express for Trap

    Listen to ErSwnn.... he knows.... he knows!!!

    Picked up 20GA last year....

    Thinking of browning, beretta, or benelli super sport II...... undecided.... and will make a ecision in the next 2 years. Need to get other guns first.. rifle and 1911...

    Trap bug is hard to get rid of and sometimes gets worse and turns into sporting clays...

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