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    Default ATF NFA direct debit.

    Hi all. Going throughmy first SBR build. Forms and personal check were sent to ATF on 11/1. Waiting and waiting for my check to be cashed and then on 12/1, I finally saw that the $200 posted to my account but, it was a direct debit titled "ATF NFA PAYMENT" instead of the check being presented to be cashed. Has anybody experienced this or are there some changes in how they are processing the applications? Any thoughts?

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    Default Re: ATF NFA direct debit.

    The address in Georgia is a Bank's Lock box. Kinda like a PO.Box. This bank has contracted with BATFE to process payments and reship forms to West Virginia.
    Payments sent there are processed into an electronic debit against your account.
    Wouldn't you like to know what's in my safe.

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