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    Default Glock 20/21 Frame Sizes


    I have had this discussion with a few friends and I even brought it up to the local Glock Rep at the last Glock Days event.

    Why is it do you think that Glock does not offer their two largest caliber handguns in the Compact frame?

    I mean it does not make sense that you can get either one in the Sub-Compact Frame, and we all know that Glock just chops the grip and slide length down to make the subs.

    I would LOVE to have a 10mm or .45 ACP in a gun sized just the same as my Glock 23 and 19

    The Glock rep simply stated the company line and pushed the .45 GAP, but that is not the question I asked him, he was trying to hype the .45 GAP and his explanation fell flat.

    Here is a photo showing the logic behind my argument. As you can see, the grip length would allow +1 in capacity and the slide length would only be around 10 or 11mm longer

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    Default Re: Glock 20/21 Frame Sizes

    I had a Glock 30 and it was the exact same size as my Glock 23, just a little thicker.

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