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    Default Re: Tobyhanna SGL Range Reports

    I think the main point is a large number selfish, self serving A-holes use that range as their personal "Do what I want place" which more likely than not involves folks from places that would arrest them for having a cap gun let alone doing mag dumps at their trash they bring to range. I used that range for three years and 99% of the problem was folks from out of town, folks from out of town with new PA plates. I stopped going to that range when a fellow on the far right started shooting while I was walking back from down range on the rifle side. I won't go into to much detail but doing mag dumps on the pistol side then flagging folks as you make sure you used all you rounds and letting the bolt hit home as you sweep the table was the last straw from me. I won't go there even if its deserted due to Computers, TV's, bottles and one time an LP tank with multiple holes in it was left there. Yeah I will continue to shoot on a friends property which is run like a military range and is safer. Dumb asses come in all colors, ages, sexes and Nationalities, just takes one to step up and be the ambassador for the rest to get inclusive label for all.

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    Default Re: Tobyhanna SGL Range Reports

    Quote Originally Posted by Rosco the Iroc View Post
    Wasn't too bad Friday till the GMC with the NYC russians showed up for mag dumps but I was done by then.
    REALLY BB MBD you negged me by saying
    Racist in disguise
    No disguise here- Go fuck yourself up a tree.
    They were driving a truck with NY plates and had a their NYC business listed on the doors and were speaking Russian ( I fucking know it and heard plenty of languages inc it working as a instructor and the navy) and were shooting full mags.

    Go back to your CNN.

    Racist-no Low tolerance for fucktards YES.

    Yes that range is ALOT better place during the week and I didn't have to meet a guy there to show him how to shoot a pistol he just bought I'd gone to Jim Thorpe range because it is a shit show on weekends due to fucktards of all kinds.

    These just happened to have an black 2500 dodge parked across the back do to the trailer it also had on it. Next time I'll get you a vid there comrade.
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