If you like shooting very fast, steel shooting is probably going to be one of your favorites. Shoot an array of 5 steel plates of various shapes and sizes as fast as possible. Time penalties are applied for misses. One plate is designated as the stop plate, which must be hit last. A match consists of 5 different stages. Each stage is shot 5 times, for a match total of 125 rounds. Run times are added up, along with any penalties, and the quickest shooter wins the match. Shooting Classes:

•Stock Auto (iron sights)
•Stock Revolver (iron sights)
•Open Auto
•Open Revolver
•.22 rimfire Auto
•.22 rimfire Revolver
Each shooter will need:

•5 Magazines or Speedloaders (or as many as you have)
•125 rounds ammo MINIMUM (150 recommended) - no steel jacketed ammo allowed
•Eye and Ear Protection (required for shooters and spectators)
•Holster Draw is not required for .22 rimfire and is Optional for Centerfires
Range rules: Handgun must be cased or in holster at all times unless you are on the firing line or in designated "gun handling" area.

12:00 Sign up - 12:30 Start
Cost: $10 per match

Questions or Issues please contact match directors Jeff Willi jeffreywilli@comcast.net or John Lamparter at 717-471-6782. or check out club website at www.slcfsa.com