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    Default Scoping the CZ452-FS

    The CZ452-FS is frequently called difficult to scope without resorting to very high rings or to a small diameter low-power scope. Users have reported interference between the rear leaf sight and a scope's objective bell. There have also been reports of the bolt handle striking the ocular bell.

    I found that the inexpensive ($129) Sightron 3-9x32 Rimfire fit quite well using 1" CZ rings for 11 mm dovetails ($57). (These steel rings have a "saddle height" of 0.550".) Calculation from the rifle dimensions shown above suggested a scope with an objective diameter of 1.50" (38.1 mm) or less would be required with these rings. The selected Sightron has a listed objective bell diameter of 38 mm and an eyepiece diameter of 39 mm. It is 11.18 inchs long. As shown below, it fit quite nicely and the scope could be positioned fore/aft over the rear leaf to position the sweet spot of the scope's eye-relief exactly where I wanted it.

    There was (just) sufficient clearance between the scope and rear sight to allow the use of the included slip-on flip-up lens caps.

    I think the result "looks right" - the scope does not overpower this small rifle. The finish of the scope, rings and receiver match well. The CZ rings fit the rifle's dovetail precisely and are both rigid and secure. To my knowledge, this Sightron offering is the smallest diameter 3-9 scope currently manufactured (most CZ 452-FS rifles end up wearing a fixed 4X or a 2.5-7X28 variable). While this scope is not an AO, its fixed 50 yard focus/parallax setting is perfect for my intended use.

    The scope zeroed easilly and its (capped 1/4 MOA) click adjustments were clear and repeatable. No tool is required to turn these. I was very pleased with the results I obtained using Federal Premium HV Match ammo.

    Correction: A friend raised a question on the saddle height of the CZ ring (#19001) that I used. CZ lists this as 0.55", he claimed his were 0.63". I went back and measured mine - they were 0.63", not 0.55"! Hence the rings in my pictures are actually .08" taller than I claimed in my text. This means a 1" tube scope with an objective diameter of 1.66" (42.1 mm) should actually fit on the CZ452-FS.

    I called CZUSA and spoke with Adam Swarts about this. He told me that he thought all 6 of the rings they offer (11, 16, 19 mm dovetail for 1" or 30 mm scope tubes) had a height of 0.55. But he mentioned that there may have been a design change at the time the color of the blister pack enclosed document was changed from blue to black. Adam sent me a follow-up message - the new #19001 rings he measured in his stock were 0.63". However, other part number rings were still 0.55". (I have a set of #19002 rings mounting a Nikon Prostaff on a CZ527 American and they measure 0.55".)
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    Default Re: Scoping the CZ452-FS

    Sweet lookin' rig. I've read lots of good things about the Sightrons in general but have never used one.


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