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    Default Montgomery County LTCF - Hidden Charges?

    My LTCF is coming up for renewal soon. My previous license came from Bucks County, but now as a Montco resident I have a new set of rules to follow.

    Montco offers the $25 version and the $46 option - license holder's choice. For the $25 license, one requirement is

    Laminated paper permit with photo attached, $25.00 You must supply 2 official passport photographs to obtain this permit.

    It seems to me that the cost of the passport photos should be included in the LTCF fee, on the premise that an anti-gun policy could state the need to provide 200 photos, or 20,000 photos - something financially burdensome. As I understand it, the state-imposed limits on the fees exist to prevent just such a stunt.

    So I'm wondering what case could be made to seek a refund on the photo price, or better yet, a fee paid to the sheriff's office of $25 minus the cost of the photos.

    Additionally, Montgomery County places the burden of the local police check on the applicant. I just checked with the Hatfield Township police department; they do NOT charge a fee for this check, but I wonder if other municipalities within Montgomery County do. (In which case, the fee to the sheriff should be $25 minus photo cost minus local check cost.)

    Are there any precedents for this?
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