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Thread: s&w 28-2 help

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    Default s&w 28-2 help

    Hello everyone,

    I was hoping to get a little help and advice from you guys. I have a s&w 28-2 that has seen better days. The hammer nose is broken and the finish is worn. I would like to get the hammer repaired and get it refinished. I plan to give it to my cousin as a present, he is a Marine and is getting ready to deploy to Afghanistan for his first tour, he has always liked it and has always wanted it.

    From what I have been reading, it seems to me best to send it back to s&w to have the work done. But, I am not sure if they work on guns that old (it has a serial number starting with s2777 which i believes puts the date of mfg in 1967). Does anyone know if they work on guns that old, how difficult the process of sending it to them is, and general ballpark of a cost id be looking at?

    Thank you all in advance for your time.

    Steve from Reno.

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    Default Re: s&w 28-2 help

    call and speak with their service dept. however from what i have seen, they will very likely not be willingly to work on it.
    they will refinish stuff, but they don't have the old stock parts to service them.
    a quick search of numrich shows they have the hammer nose for less than 12bucks.
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    Replacing the hammer mounted firing pin is a pretty minor job. A decent local gunsmith should be able to do the job for a relatively low fee. Refinishing is a different story.

    You have many many options regarding refinishing. If you want to stay stock, by all means call Smith and Wesson. If you wanted something else shop around. Places like Robar, Birdsong and others can do quite a bit. The only limitation is your imagination. However, if I were you I would have it refinished by Smith and Wesson to match how it originally looked.
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    Default Re: s&w 28-2 help

    I agree, replacing the firing pin is a simple fix. And since the M28 isn't highly polished, you have several inexpensive options for refinishing (check out Brownell's, for example). Or, if the blue is worn a bit at the leading edges of the muzzle, the frame and the cylinder, that's just holster wear - gives it character. You may not want to refinish it at all.
    More importantly, how is the timing, and is the yoke sprung? Those are serious issues that I believe S&W can still fix in spite of the revolver's age.


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