At the RR Museum and Strasburg Railroad. $10 for the museum, not sure about a train ride but there are reenactors riding the trains.

My son and I just got back from the museum. Most of reenactors/exhibitors focused on WW II stuff but there was some older and newer displays. Several jeeps, a 42 Harley motorcycle, couple of old cars ('40 Buick and ?) A Civil Defense display, one from the Coast Artillery, tons of small military items, lots of 'homefront' stuff.

Plenty of Garands, some M1 Carbines, a BAR, Thompsons, some pistols.

With the trains and all the folks walking around in period outfits (both uniformed and civilian), it was like you were at a train station in 1942. Kind of an eerie feeling.

My 15 year old son thought it was 'pretty cool'. Not sure you can get a better recommendation than that!