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    Default Well, I got that Glock 27. Some Impressions...

    Well, I got it. Traded with WheelinPA. Good guy, I think he lurks and checks the classifieds more than posts, but a good guy nonetheless. Did the transfer at Atlantic Tactical in New Cumberland, they only charge $25, which I take to be pretty reasonable. Plus they were very courteous and helpful.

    I bought an assload of Winchester 155gr Silvertips and went to the range as fast as I could. Initially, that little thing is a cannon. Not totally unpleasant, but it is a little rocket. I shot 150 rounds, and have 350 more I'm going to shoot tomorrow. The worst part of shooting this gun was using a mag that had the Pearce extension on it. It would pinch my finger between the top of the extension and the mag well. Ouch! Like, a lot.

    Aside from that all is well. I may try the GAP floorplates I've been told are much better than the Pearce extensions, so we'll see. I really don't mind shooting it without an extension, but I'll try anything once. Now I just need to get some good leather, because the gun came with an Uncle Mikes ankle holster, a Fobus, and an Uncle Mikes IWB... I'm kind of a holster snob. I may use the IWB holster for a pocket holster (I have big pockets.) And ankle carry really isn't for me.

    Alright, enough of that, on to what you guys really care about, the pics:

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