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    Default Firearms class opinion

    I know there are many schools offering classes for the handgun owner. We would like to take one that would best suit our needs. We are not on SWAT or tactical teams, and would like a course that possibly has increasing stages to build upon....such as Pistol I, Pistol II, etc...if available.

    The misses and I carry for personal protection in and outside of the home. We make our best attempt to get to the range a couple of times each month to practice dry and live fire drills. With that said, our practicing is based off of what were seeing on TV (shows like Handguns, etc) and online. The only formal training we've had to this point is the NRA Basic Pistols Course.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Please include your personal preferences and why you chose to recommend the particular course. Again, please only list Handgun Courses.

    Both in and out of state class are welcomed in your suggestion. Thank you for your time.
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    Default Re: Firearms class opinion

    You may get more responses if located in the Training section.

    I can recommend Insights General Defensive Handgun b/c I took it last year. Good mix of discussion and range time. Started on fundamentals of grip, stance, etc. and built upon them over the 2 days to end with running drills incorporating movement when drawing and reloading weapon. Dramatically improved my ability to shoot, handle and clear malfunctions with my pistol.

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    Default Re: Firearms class opinion

    Any travel restrictions?
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    Default Re: Firearms class opinion

    The Sig Sauer Academy has a quite a few courses that fit your needs. The instructors are good and more than willing to give you one on one help if you need it. I've been there and I can say that its well worth the travel. You can stay in Hampton, NH at the Lamies inn for $74 a night if you tell the front desk you're a student at the Sig Sauer Academy. The Old Salt restaraunt has some amazing clam chowder. Most courses are competitively priced.
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