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    Default news about shooting range ib franklin county

    This is from the manager of this area. Rod

    Thanks again for your interest in the target range located in the Michaux State Forest located on Birch Run Road. We have received numerous inquiries, such as yours, concerning the availability of the target range this fall prior to this years hunting season and volunteering to assist with the "clean-up . Unfortunately, we will not be able to open the range this fall.

    We have formed an interest group looking into the feasibility of this target range which is comprised of two different interest groups. Those for keeping the range open, and those people who have a concern with it's location and the possible interruption of nesting raptors that may frequent the Long Pine reservoir, as well as a possible lead contamination to the drinking water in the reservoir.

    Until these issues are addressed, the range will remained closed. Just as a note, three weeks ago, the wooden routed "Range Closed" signs were vandalized which does not speak well on behalf of those who want to keep the range open.

    If the range is reopened, it will need a sincere obligation directed toward the users of the range, to keep it open and police those users that are in violation of our rules.

    I hope that this has answered you email completely?

    If you have any further questions regarding this matter, please feel free to respond to this email or call me at 717-352-2211.


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    Default Re: news about shooting range ib franklin county

    Ah, so if you support opening the range you get lumped in with vandalizers...nice.
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