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    Default When did Philadelphia become Shall Issue

    I understand when Pa passed shall issue license to carry legislation that Philadelphia was allowed to remain may issue. I also understand that it was changed to shall issue at some time. When did this happen? I assume it was done so that LTC legislation could get passed for the state.

    I am in Illinois and belong to We are trying to get LTC passed in Illinois. The big problem is opposition from Chicago area legislators. There aren't enough votes to pass preemption in a LTC bill even with a Republican governor who promises to sign a LTC bill. Hopefully this November Republican Bill Brady will win the governors post.

    I'm thinking some kind of may issue exemption for Chicago might get LTC through for the rest of the state.

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    Default Re: When did Philadelphia become Shall Issue

    Oooops, I think I misunderstood the OP's Q.
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    Default Re: When did Philadelphia become Shall Issue

    I'm not positive on the details, but....

    I believe PA went shall issue for most of the state (except Philadelphia) in the late 1980's. I believe Philadelphia became shall issue in 1995.

    Someone else probably has the specifics

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    Default Re: When did Philadelphia become Shall Issue

    Maybe the answer you seek is in here?

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    Default Re: When did Philadelphia become Shall Issue

    Act 158 in 1988 (that brought shall issue to all of Pa. but Phila.) was a political compromise that screwed Phila. I have to trust that it was the best deal politically obtainable at the time, though it left a lot of bad feelings.
    A few years later the political makeup of the General Assembly changed with the election of Tom Ridge and Republican majorities in the General Assembly (like what will probably happen next month).
    Act 17 of 1995 rectified the Philadelphia situation.
    Even passing that was a problem, caused in part by the ACSL's (a normally pro-gun organization active in western Pa.) strident opposition to the bill.
    All the politics were very complex, but every once in a while you get to take a step forward. I wish you guys in IL success and want to note that the 500 pound gorillas in all of this were the NRA represented by Scott Krug, State Rep. Bob Godshall and State Senator Robbins.

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    Default Re: When did Philadelphia become Shall Issue

    Honestly, I don't think they are quite there yet...
    "...a REPUBLIC, if you can keep it."

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