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    Default ESU arsonist charged

    If some of you haven't been keeping up, there has been three different occasions of arson in the last week or so. My friend lives in these dorms, and this kid was his RA. What in the world would possess someone to do this? Did he think it was a joke? Last night, my friend said that there was a fire by the main stairs, and in the bathrooms by each of the side stairs, but thankfully they only had to work through smoke to get to the side stairs. So what would have happened if they were all trapped? I hope they slap this guy with all they can... (assuming he's found guilty)
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    Default Re: ESU arsonist charged

    cries for attention. more then likely at some point before there was a fire and he put it out and someone praised him, what better way to get more attention then putting out more fires! even if he had to light them himself.
    The first vehicles normally on the scene of a crime are ambulances and police cruisers. If you are armed you have a chance to decide who gets transported in which vehicle, if you are not armed then that decision is made for you.

    Be prepared, because someone else already is and no one knows their intent except them.

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    Default Re: ESU arsonist charged

    I went to ESU for four years and you would not believe what thoses kids do on a regular basis.

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