Well folks, it's time to make your plans for the 2nd Annual Fall Sporting Goods Only Garage Sale.

It will be held on Oct 22/23 (that is a PSU Away Game)

Here are the particulars:

Who: Anyone reading this who wishes to rid themselves of any extraneous sporting goods
What: 2nd Annual Sporting Goods Only Garage Sale
Where: 307 Matilda Ave, Lemont, PA (Ron's Gun Repair location), just outside of State College, towards the Nittany Mall
When: Oct 22 and 23, 2010
Time: 8 am to 5 pm both days
Why: To sell off any sporting goods that you don't want or need anymore, or want to sell to finance some new toys
How: Either bring them and stick around and party with us or leave them for me to sell for you
Misc: I am an FFL so I can do any transfers/PICS needed
What will be sold: Sporting goods and related stuff, in the past we have had for sale guns, camping equip, mil surp, archery, RC airplanes, optics, reloading equip and much more. Never know what is going to show up but there WON'T BE any romance novels, baskets, plates/flatware, clothes (unless for hunting, etc.)

Remember, even if you can't stay, you can sell things at the sale. As long as I have your starting price and the lowest price you'll take, I'll watch over it.

This is a good time to get rid of those unwanted/unused/unneeded sporting goods that are cluttering up the basement/garage/hall closet/attic.

I'll start the list and add to it when I get replies.

To start there will be:
Reloading equipment (Dillion SDB, .38/.357 dies installed)
Scopes (regular and one that is a EER)
Misc gun supplies
SKS (w/grenade launcher adapter and bayonet)
AR-15 (9mm)
Ruger MarkIII (.22LR w/ 5 1/2" Bull barrel, blued)
Portable target stands (inexpensive, made from PVC)
Some Mil Surp
Various holsters
Weapon Shield (bottles and pencil oilers)