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    Default boring out a full choke?

    Hi all,

    I was lucky enough to get a remington 1100 at a hell of a price to shoot some sporting clays and tune up for 3 gun matches. It's in great shape, but what it does have is a 26 inch barrel with full choke.

    I would love for it to be about a 22 inch barrel with removable chokes, but just a modified or so would be perfect. I know I could buy a new threaded barrel, but that would cost me more than the gun did. what I'm wondering is if I can just cut the barrel down slowly from the muzzle until I get to the diameter of modified?

    or if i cut it down too far, can i ream it or something and get it threaded for chokes?

    Keep in mind I have minimum equipment and money, but a whole bunch of time.


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    Default Re: boring out a full choke?

    Where to start...

    1. You could leave it alone and it will work for both uses. Matter of fact, depending on the match rules, you could get a 9-10 shot extended magazine tube to fit your existing barrel


    2. You can cut it down, but it will be cylinder bore regardless of where you cut it. Does it have a rib? I think Remington's are welded the full length, so you shouldn't have a problem of it falling off after you cut it.
    If you do cut it down, cylinder bore can work for both uses, but you'll have some holes in your pattern as the distance increases to the target, which a bird could fly right through. But Cylinder bore is OK for most sporting clay bird presentations, and will work fine for knocking down steel out to 10 yards or so.

    3. I can't imagine spending the cash to "attempt" to thread it for removable chokes. Especially if you think it's too expensive for a second barrel.
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    Default Re: boring out a full choke?

    You can open up the choke with a brake cylinder hone in an electric drill. I did that to both barrels on a Berreta O/U and had great results. You need a good bore gage too. What I did was to take a few thousands out of each barrel then pattern them on a 30 inch circle at 40 yards. I repeated this procedure until I had it shooting IC on the bottom and M on the top. It originally was M on the bottom and F on top.

    If you cut it off it will be cylinder bore as stated. I don't know why you would want to shorten it for sporting clays? Most sporting clays guns come with 30 or 32 in barrels. My 425 Citori has 30 inch and was also available in 32 inch. I use the same gun for skeet. The trend today in all the shotgun clays games is longer barrels.
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