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Thread: Gun ranges

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    Default Gun ranges

    I just moved to State College to complete my degree at Penn State University. I didn't bring my Sig P226 here and I kinda miss shooting a bit. Are there any places around here (State College) that I can check out for rentals?

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    There isnt anyone who does gun rentals around here. Most gun rentals are from a dealer who has a range, there are no dealers that have a range in this area.
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    Although there aren't any places to rent guns, watch this area of the forum to see when someone is going out to Scotia (an SGL range). There will then follow in short order all the others that will join that person at the range. Chime in and ask about shooting, I am positive that you will get responses that will tell you to come on out and you can shoot what they have. They will probably tell you waht gun and caliber it is so just drop by a gun shop (J&E comes to mind) and pick up some ammo to replaqce what you may shoot (or offer a few $ to the person).

    The gun community in the SC area is a very good group. There are many willing to go out of their way to make a new shooter (or one without a gun to shoot) welcome.
    Ron USAF Ret E-8 FFL01/SOT3 NRA Benefactor Member

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