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    Default lead bullet ban?

    The latest now with the EPA is to collect enough evidence to ban lead bullets. Their decision will be handed down on Nov 1, ironiclly the day before election.....
    Of course the EPA is depending on junk science and the direction of anti-hunting organizations who have an agenda in this matter. The director of the EPA is still under the delusion that the 2nd amendment is a collective right.
    Sestak better get involved to stop these drunk with power bureaucrats from destroying the shooting sports. It is my understanding that "green" bullets are prohibitive in price. Even the primers will be "green" which, from what I understand, do not have the long shelf life of regular boxer primers. along with USA have extensive articles on this matter.

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    Default Re: lead bullet ban?

    Already being discussed in this thread...

    While many claim to support the right, precious few support the practice.

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    Default Re: lead bullet ban?

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