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    Hey everyone,
    Im new to this forum, my husband does gunsmithing on the side whenever he can for the extra cash. He's very talented, as Im sure you all are, so I'd like to see him pursue this more. Im trying to help him however I can.
    Can you tell me what he would need in order to be able to do blueing (sp). He has done it before but does not currently have the setup for it. I would like to surprise him and set up our shop for him to do this. What do I need in regards to equipment, etc?
    Also he is looking for a rear peep sight for a Winchester model 69, any ideas where I can get one?
    Thanks for your help!

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    Brownells has everything needed for bluing. Including start-up kits. Chances are your husband already has an acct there (for the dealer discount)

    I would also check places like criagslist and ebay for used and new equipment

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