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    Default Noob AR Owner Needs Advice

    I've poked around and found this Vortex Crossfire scope which seems to be perfect for poking 223 holes in paper at 100, 150 and 200 yards. The plan is to mount this on top of my removable carry handle on this rifle:

    I've got one of these:

    To go on top of the carry handle. The goal is to have some decent optics for longer rangers and still have access to the iron sites.

    Here's what I'm planning to order. It's the Vortex Scope and the Burris 1" mount.

    Is that the right scope for my needs? Again, just putting holes in paper so I can compare my accuracy with the scope against the iron sites. Is that the right kind of mount? I'm new to AR rifles and scopes etc. I'm pretty much a handgun guy but shooting the rifle has been a lot of fun.


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    Default Re: Noob AR Owner Needs Advice

    Truly I would go to a local gun shop and try some stuff out. You could also flat top your ar also to see if you like it better.
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