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Thread: Hunting 101

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    Default Hunting 101

    I picked up my first hunting license today, primarily because my son has expressed an interest in hunting squirrel. After looking through the items I received, I wanted to make sure I understand what my general license (by itself) allows me to take. In addition to taking small game (subject to published bag limits), it appears that I can take the following game without additional licenses or stamps:
    • One antlered deer during rifle season
    • One fall turkey (male or female)
    • One spring gobbler

    Assuming the above info is correct, I have one question: Assuming I take each of these allowed items, how/where do I obtain additional harvest report cards? I received two cards with my 2007 license, both stating they can be used for "antlered deer, flintlock or turkey". If I use the first card to take a buck and the second to take a fall turkey, how do I report a spring gobbler taken?

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    Default Re: Hunting 101

    In the booklet you get with your license will be a form you can cut out and use as a report card and if need be , make copies on a copy machine , that is allowed

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    Default Re: Hunting 101

    Assuming I take each of these allowed items
    That, my friend, is a really BIG assumption!

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    Default Re: Hunting 101

    Quote Originally Posted by gnbrotz View Post
    Assuming I take each of these allowed items
    That should be your biggest worry in life

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    Default Re: Hunting 101

    This thread reminds of a conversation I have with the guys that hunt our camp every year. It goes something like this...Someone will say, "What if I fill all my tags by the second or third weekend of archery? Then I won't be able to hunt deer until next season."

    After thinking about it for about a tenth of a second the response is always, "Take the shots, fill your tags and worry about it afterwards."

    Mind you, that has never happened in our camp. Everyone has at least one unfilled tag at the end of the season. Most guys have more than one.

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