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    Default Ghost 3.5 Connector

    I did a search for Ghost & also 3.5 Connectors and came up with one outdated post. I hope my search capabilities didn't fail me. Sure I can Google information from other sites but I wanted some PAFOA discussion.

    So, anyone here run a Ghost 3.5 connector or other brand 3.5cConnector in any of their Glocks?

    If so, do you like them? Notice a difference in trigger pull? What gun did you install them in?

    I've shot plenty of different Glocks but only with stock parts. Why fix something that ain't broke comes to mind but I'm curious about these and am contemplating giving them a whirl.


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    Default Re: Ghost 3.5 Connector

    Ghost Rocket in every Glock I own except for my original Gen1 G17.

    I installed and fitted every one myself. Just take your time and go slowly when filing the TCT. Fitting a Ghost Rocket will make you intimately familiar with taking a Glock all the way down to every single part :-). If you decide to go this route, buy the Ghost armorers plate. The armorers tool isn't required as a regular punch will do - but they are cheap and handy.

    I added it for the reduced reset, and because I was so used to single action and wanted a shorter trigger pull. You can increase the trigger pull by replacing the striker spring and plunger spring if you want more than the 3.5lbs.

    My triggers are smooth as glass now and the only issue I ever had was with the slide lock spring after reassembly. When you take the pistol down, you'll notice that the slide lock spring is held on one of the block pins. If it is not put pack correctly and forced all the way over it can cause the slide lock to be raised every time the pistol is fired and cause the slide to lock - as designed.

    Other than that issue, no failures or need to change anything once the trigger work was completed. Remember, if this is for a carry gun you'll want to prove in the pistol after the work. I use 500 rounds of carry ammo as a minimum test before I call my carry gun reliable - YMMV.

    Installed in my: 2XG17, G19, G21, G31, G32

    Good luck!
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    Default Re: Ghost 3.5 Connector

    I have fired several thousand rounds through a G23 with a Ghost Rocket 3.5 installed. Awesome product! However, the trigger on a stock Glock is sufficient. If it ain't broke...may apply. It depends on what you prefer, what your hand/trigger finger prefers.

    The Rocket 3.5 lessens trigger pull, which is nice if you like a lighter trigger. I do, as long as it isn't 'breath on it' light, which it is not. I'm not sure it's better or worse, just lighter. It has a shorter reset and as little over-travel as you want to make it have (small metal tab that will need to be shortened to fit your firearm). Incredibly easy to install, I only recommend an armorers slide cover like Skullz mentioned. No set screws or moving parts.

    There is the chance that you will have light primer strikes, a set of Wolff high power springs will solve that for you. Like I said, I've put several thousand rounds through my carry gun with it installed and it is every bit as durable as the OEM parts. The trigger is crisp and light, with zero over-travel and a very short reset. I love it. Someone might make a snarky comment about how the trigger is perfect from the factory and you should fix yourself not the gun. But they obviously miss the point. It's not better or worse than factory, just different. For me, I absolutely will put the Rocket in every Glock I purchase.

    I've tested dozens of other aftermarket products on every one of my pistols. The Ghost Rocket is at the top of the list for working as advertised at a great cost.

    I would gladly let you inspect my G23 and give it a test drive. If you can't find someone closer willing to share, maybe we can meet halfway somewhere.

    Good luck,
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