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    Default Remington 870 Police Parkerized

    I have the Remington 870 Police Parkerized Magnum. Due to normal wear and tear some of the black finish has come off. Can anyone recommend a product to repair the finish? It is just a few spots where the black has come of, real minor but would like to repair.

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    Default Re: Remington 870 Police Parkerized

    If it's the parkerizing that is worn off, you may be able to fix it.

    "Parkerizing" is the trade name for an iron phosphite finish trademarked by the old Parker Paint & Chemical co. They went on to become Parker AmChem (American Chemical) than were bought-out by Henkel Surface Technologies. I used to work for them (Parker AmChem, than Henkel).

    The finish is created by soaking the metal in a phosphoric acid solution, which creates a conversion coating on the surface, turning it from steel (an alloy of iron & carbon) to an inorganic metal crystal (crystalline iron phosphate).

    You may be able to spot-repair the finish if you can get phosphoric acid.

    Home Depot has a phosphoric acid based cleaner:

    Than there are the chemical supply houses:

    Use a q-tip to test the solution on a HIDDEN portion of the finish. Wet the q-tip and dab it on the surface.

    If that produces no ill effects, move to a less noticeable portion of the finish that has worn. Wet the q-tip with the phosphoric acid and dab it on the surface.

    The phosphoric acid reacts with the iron in the steel and creates the conversion coating, which deposits on the surface. As the surface is coated the iron is less available and the reaction automatically shuts-off.

    The iron phosphate crystalline coating does not react with the phosphoric acid, creating the "spot-repair" ability. In the same way, the crystalline coating does not react with water - creating it's rust proofing qualities.

    Rinse the reapaired areas with fresh water after 60 seconds.

    Verify this information using your own common-sense and a little internet searching.

    Of course, SAFETY is key. Goggles or face shield, rubber gloves, long pants, long sleeves, no smoking, ventilated area.

    The phosphoric acid is not much different from the Muriatic acid sold in Pool Supply and Hardware stores. Muriatic acid is just a dilute Hydrochloric acid.

    Good luck and let us know how it went.

    PLEASE be safe!

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